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Children’s Books by Lorenzo Bernardini

I am a professional author and illustrator based in the UK. Having created stories ever since I was young, I published my first book in 2017. Explore my range of children’s books and fantasy stories below.

The First Tale of Sarah

Sarah is a 5-year-old girl with a passion for monsters instead of dolls. Her mother created a fantasy world with many amazing creatures only for her and collected all the drawings and paintings in a book she called "The Tales of Sarah". But after the premature death of her mother, Sarah lost her voice and hasn’t spoken a word since.

One day, three bullies steal Sarah's book and hide it in a dark, scary place. In her attempt to recover the book, Sarah meets Mr Red, one of her favourite characters, who invites her to a journey into the fantasy world to find her lost voice.

The story comprises 64 pages and 28 watercolour illustrations.

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The Second Tale of Sarah (in progress)

After her adventure to find her lost voice, Sarah is living happily with her friends. One day Red, her best red big monster friend, gets hill and his beautiful colour begeins fading in a pale pinky tone. Once again, one of the characters of her mother's book comes to life to help. He takes Sarah to a journey through three fantasy kingdoms to gather the ingriedents and prepare a medicine to cure her sick friend.

The book is in progress and it should be ready by the end of January 2020.

Here there is a sneak peek of the work in progress:

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