About Lorenzo Bernardini

Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed fictional stories and created my own.

My career as an artist started in 1996 when I was asked to illustrate articles from a national religious magazine in Italy. Through the years I developed skills in both digital illustration and hand paint with watercolour and acrylic. In 2002 I decided to take it further and attend a school of art and, in 2005, I graduated as a Comics illustrator and special effects artist. Since I was always attracted by the movie world, I decided to use my new certificate to approach this fantastic world. I worked few years for a production company which took me away from my Country of origin and gave me the opportunity to develop my skills as an artist and writer. I wrote several screenplays for the big screen and illustrated storyboards on a daily basis and here is when I started thinking about writing and illustrating stories for children. “The first tale of Sarah” in fact was born as an idea for a children’s movie but not developed more than a script.

In 2015 I moved in the UK and I started working on my first personal project “The Tale of Sarah”, a three books series which I’m writing and illustrating. The first one was published in 2017 and I’m currently working on the second volume. My goal in sharing these stories is to share a message of hope with readers of all ages.

As an artist I keep on developing my skills every day and trying new ways and techniques to improve my illustrations. In 2018, I enrolled BA in Illustration at the Open College of the Arts. 

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